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The Louis-Jeantet Prize for Medicine is awarded annually (starting in 1986) by the Louis-Jeantet Foundation to biomedical researchers in Europe; the awards are made each April.[1] The aim of the prize is both to honour its recipients and to finance their research.

The particular research domains in which prizes have been awarded are physiology, biophysics, structural biology, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, developmental biology and genetics; prize-winners have worked in immunology, virology, bacteriology, neurobiology, clinical epidemiology and structural biochemistry.

The Prize is endowed with 1.4 million Swiss francs. The sum available to each prize-winner amounts to 700’000 francs, of which 625’000 francs are to be used for financing ongoing research and 75’000 francs are given to the researcher personally.

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List of winners:[2]

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