Louis-Lewin-Straße (Berlin U-Bahn)

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Platform of the station

Louis-Lewin-Straße (also spelled: Louis-Lewin-Strasse) is an underground railway station in the German capital city of Berlin. It is part of the Berlin U-Bahn; the station is located on the U 5.

The station opened in July 1989, just a few months before the fall of the Berlin Wall. The station was formerly located in Hönow, and the surrounding area was annexed by Berlin during German reunification on 3 October 1990.

The eastern extension of (what is now) line U5 was one of the last major construction projects of the former German Democratic Republic. In 1989 up to 1991 the name of the station was Paul-Verner-Strasse, however as P. Verner was an SED politician the name was changed after the reunification of Germany to the toxicologist and professor at the Humboldt University Lewin (1850–1929).[1]


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Coordinates: 52°32′20″N 13°37′06″E / 52.53889°N 13.61833°E / 52.53889; 13.61833