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Louis XIV of France.jpg
Louis XIV was king of France (1643-1715)
Pronunciation UK /ˈli/
US /ˈlɪs/
Gender Male
Language(s) Germanic
Word/name French
Meaning Famous warrior (Ludwig)
Other names
Alternative spelling Louys
Derived Louise
Related names Louie, Clovis, Lewis, Ludovico, Luigi, Luis, Ludvig, Ludwig, Lodewijk, Lodewyk

Louis (UK /ˈli/ or US /ˈlɪs/; French pronunciation: ​[lwi]) is the French form of the Old Frankish given name Chlodowig (Modern German: Ludwig) and one of two English forms,[1] the other being Lewis (/ˈlɪs/). The Frankish name is composed of the words for "fame" (hlōd) and "warrior" (wīg) which may be translated to famous warrior or "famous in battle".[2]

Variant forms[edit]

Feminine variants[edit]

  • Arabic: لويز
  • Belarusian: Луіза (Luiza)
  • Chinese Simplified: 路易丝 (Lùyìsī)
  • Chinese Traditional: 路易絲 (Lùyìsī)
  • Croatian: Alojzija
  • Danish: Lovise
  • Dutch: Louisa, Louise
  • English: Louisa, Lou, Louella, Lula, Luella
  • Estonian: Loviise
  • Finnish: Loviisa
  • French: Lou, Louise, Louisette
  • German: Aloisia, Louisa, Luise, Lulu
  • Greek: Λουίζα (Louíza)
  • Gujarati: લુઇસ (Lu'isa)
  • Hebrew: לואיז
  • Hindi: लुइस (Lu'isa)
  • Hungarian: Lujza
  • Italian: Ludovica, Luigia, Luisa, Gina, Luigina, Luisella
  • Japanese: ルイーザ (Ruīza), ルイ (Rui)
  • Kannada: ಲೂಯಿಸ್ (Lūyis)
  • Korean: 루이사 (Luisa)
  • Lithuanian: Liudvika
  • Maori: Ruiha
  • Macedonian: Лујза (Lujza), Лојза (Lojza)
  • Mongolian: Луиза (Luiza)
  • Nepali: लुइस ( Lu'isa)
  • Norwegian: Lovise
  • Persian: لوئیس
  • Polish: Ludwika, Luiza
  • Portuguese: Luísa, Luiza
  • Romanian: Luiza
  • Serbian: Луиз (Luiz)
  • Slovak: Alojzia
  • Slovene: Alojzija
  • Spanish: Luisa, Luisina, Luisita
  • Swedish: Lovisa
  • Tamil: லூயிஸ் ( Lūyis)
  • Telugu: లూయిస్ ( Lūyis)
  • Thai: หลุยส์ ( H̄luys̄̒)
  • Ukrainian: Луїза (Luyiza)
  • Urdu: لوئیس

Arts and entertainment[edit]



Holy Roman Emperors and Kings of Germany[edit]

Kings of France[edit]

Other French royalty[edit]

Kings of Etruria[edit]

Kings of Holland[edit]

  • Louis I Bonaparte, King of Holland from 1806 to 1810
  • Louis II Bonaparte, King of Holland in 1810, also Grand Duke of Berg

Kings of Hungary[edit]

  • Louis the Great, (Louis I of Hungary) Apostolic King of Hungary, Dalmatia, Croatia, Rama, Serbia, Galicia, Lodomeria, Jerusalem and Sicily from 1342, King of Poland from 1370
  • Louis II of Hungary and Bohemia, King of Bohemia and Hungary from 1516 to 1526

King of Portugal[edit]

King of Spain[edit]

  • Louis I of Spain, the eldest son of Philip V of Spain by his first Queen consort Maria Louisa of Savoy

Princes of Monaco[edit]

Dukes and Kings of Bavaria[edit]

Grand-Duke of Berg[edit]

  • Louis, Grand Duke of Berg from 1809 to 1813, also King of Holland as Louis II

Grand-Dukes of Hesse[edit]

Duke of Savoy[edit]

Science and innovation[edit]


  • Louis Babrow (1915–2004), South African rugby union player
  • Louis Baise (born 1927), South African Olympic wrestler
  • Lou Boudreau (1917–2001), American, Hall of Fame baseball player and manager
  • Lou Brock (born 1939), American baseball player
  • Louis Bullard (1956-2010), American football player
  • Louis Chevrolet (1878–1941), racing driver and the founder of the Chevrolet Motor Car Company
  • Louis Deletraz (born 1997), Swiss race car driver
  • Louis Clarke (1901–77), American Olympic track champion
  • Louis Ford (footballer) (born 1914), Welsh footballer
  • Louis van Gaal (born 1951), Dutch footballer and manager
  • Lou Gehrig (1903–1941), American baseball player
  • Louis Jani (born 1957), Canadian judoka
  • Louis Kaplan (1901–1970), nicknamed "Kid Kaplan", Russian-born American world champion Hall of Fame featherweight boxer
  • Louis Klotz (born 1921), nicknamed "Red", American NBA basketball player and owner of the Washington Generals and New York Nationals
  • Louis Pilot (born 1940), Luxembourgian footballer and manager
  • Louis Rubenstein (1861–1931), Canadian world champion Hall of Fame figure skater
  • Louis Saha (born 1978), French footballer
  • Louis Smith (gymnast) (born 1989), English gymnast


Fictional characters[edit]

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