Louis Alan Hazeltine

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Louis Alan Hazeltine
Born August 7, 1886
Morristown, New Jersey
Died May 24, 1964(1964-05-24) (aged 77)
Nationality United States
Citizenship USA
Alma mater Stevens Institute of Technology
Known for Neutrodyne circuit
Scientific career
Fields physics

Louis Alan Hazeltine (August 7, 1886 – May 24, 1964) was an engineer and physicist, the inventor of the Neutrodyne circuit, and the Hazeltine-Fremodyne Superregenerative circuit. He was the founder of the Hazeltine Corporation.

He was born in Morristown, New Jersey in 1886 and attended the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey majoring in electrical engineering. He graduated in 1906 and accepted a job with General Electric corporation.

Hazeltine returned to Stevens to teach, eventually becoming chair of the electrical engineering department in 1917.

The following year he became a consultant for the United States Navy. The Navy job eventually parlayed into a position as an advisor to the U.S. government on radio broadcasting regulation, and later, a position on the National Defense Research Committee during World War II.[1]

Hazeltine was president of the Institute of Radio Engineers in 1936.


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