Louis Bélanger

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Louis Bélanger
Born 1964
Beauport, Quebec, Canada
Occupation Film director
Years active 1988 - present

Louis Bélanger (born 1964 in Beauport, Quebec) is a Canadian film director and screenwriter.[1] He has a degree in communications from UQAM. He is a close friend and collaborator of filmmaker Denis Chouinard; both men created several short films together before branching off into their own careers with feature films. His film Post Mortem won him Best Director at the Montreal World Film Festival[2] and earned him two Genie Awards, for best new director and best screenplay.

He began making films and long-form videos while still a student. He shot videos for Télévision Suisse Romande in the late 1990s before turning to directing his first feature, the multi-award winning Post Mortem in 1999. His follow-up was Lauzon-Lauzone, a documentary about the late bad-boy director Jean-Claude Lauzon, and a second feature in 2003, the very assured and mature Gaz Bar Blues. Influenced by the man-of-the-people-docudrama style of John Cassavetes and Ken Loach, he has said that "there aren’t any new stories to tell; all that matters is the telling."[3]

Selected filmography[edit]

Feature films[edit]

Other films[edit]

  • Dogmatisme ou Le songe d'Adrien (Short film co-directed with Denis Chouinard, 1988)
  • Le soleil et ses traces (Short film co-directed with Denis Chouinard, 1990)
  • Les galeries Wilderton (Short film, 1991)
  • Les 14 définitions de la pluie (Short film co-directed with Denis Chouinard, 1993)
  • Lauzon Lauzone (Documentary, 2000)
  • Nightlight (TV movie, 2003)
  • Lies and Deception (TV movie, 2005)


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