Louis Bull 138B

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Louis Bull 138B is located in Alberta
Louis Bull 138B
Louis Bull 138B
Location of Louis Bull 138B Alberta

Louis Bull 138B is an Indian reserve in Alberta.[1] It is located 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) southwest of Wetaskiwin. It is at an elevation of 825 metres (2,707 ft). As of 2001, nearly 50% of individuals on-reserve are over the age of 15, suggesting severe demographic strain commonly found in the Third World. Average incomes among full-time labourers remain approximately $18,000 under the Alberta provincial average, and the Canadian government reports a 40% unemployment rate. The per-room occupancy rate on this reserve is double that of the provincial average.


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Coordinates: 52°53′28″N 113°33′50″W / 52.891°N 113.564°W / 52.891; -113.564 (Louis Bull 138b)