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Portrait of L.C. Page, ca.1910s

Louis Coues Page (1869–1956) was a publisher in Boston, Massachusetts. Born in Zurich to American parents, he attended Harvard College and worked for Boston publishers Estes & Lauriat, 1891–1892.[1] In 1896 he bought the Joseph Knight Company and renamed it L.C. Page & Company;[2][3][4] around 1914 it became The Page Company.[5] It issued works of "art, travel, music, belles lettres" and fiction for adults and children.[6] It operated from offices on Beacon Street in Beacon Hill.[7] Authors published by the firm included Bliss Carman, Julia Caroline Dorr, Lucy Maud Montgomery,[8] and Eleanor H. Porter. In 1914 the Page Company acquired Dana Estes & Co.[9]

Around the 1910s Louis and his brother George A. Page were co-owners of the Boston Braves baseball team.[10]

Page married Kate Stearns in 1895.[11]

Farrar, Straus & Cudahy acquired L.C. Page & Co. in 1957; the imprint continued until 1980.[12]


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