Louis III de La Trémoille

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Louis III de La Trémoille
Louis III de La Trémoille
Spouse(s) Jeanne de Montmorency
Noble family La Tremoille
Father François II de La Trémoille
Mother Anne de Laval
Born 1521
Died 25 March 1577 (aged 55–56)

Louis III de La Trémoille (1521 – 25 March 1577), 1st Duke of Thouars, was a sixteenth-century French nobleman of the La Tremoille family. He was the son of François II de La Trémoille and his wife, Anne de Laval.

Louis accompanied the dauphin on a voyage to Perpignan in 1542, served in the war against the English in Picardy and was one of the four barons given as a hostage of the Holy Ampoule at the consecration of Henry II, and one of the hostages of the peace treaty concluded in 1542 between France and England.

In 1549, he married Jeanne de Montmorency (1528–1596), the second daughter of Anne de Montmorency. They had five children, including:

Louis served in Italy under Marshal de Cossé. In 1560, he was a lieutenant general of Poitou and of Saintonge. He was charged, in 1567, with the command of the Loire Valley, served under the Duke of Anjou and was killed at the siege of Melle on 25 March 1577, at the moment when the city fell.