Louis Masreliez

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Louis Masreliez
Louis Masreliez-1849.jpg
Born 1748
Died 1810
Nationality Swedish
Occupation Painter

Louis Masreliez (1748 – 19 March 1810), born Adrien Louis Masreliez, was a Swedish painter and interior designer.

Masreliez was born in Paris and came to Sweden in 1753. He began his education at Ritakademien (Drawing Academy) at the age of 10. Since the academy did not teach painting, he studied at Lorens Gottman's workshop. In 1769 he was given a study grant which he used to travel to Paris and Bologna to study. He left Bologna in 1773 to live in Paris for eight years, then returned to Sweden in 1782 to become ledamot of the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts. The following year he was made a professor of art history. He became rector of the Academy in 1802 and director in 1805. His work is represented in the Swedish National Museum of Fine Arts, the Gothenburg Museum of Art, and the Royal Palace.

Among his works are: