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Louis Monier in 2008.
Photograph by Steve Maller.

Louis Monier (born March 21, 1956) was a founder of the Internet search engine AltaVista. After he left AltaVista, he worked at eBay and then at Google. He left Google in August 2007 to join Cuil, a search engine startup.[1] He was Vice President of Products at Cuil. One month after the launch, he left Cuil, citing differences with the CEO.[2] He also was the co-founder and CTO of Qwiki with Doug Imbruce. Qwiki won the TechCrunch Disrupt Award in 2010 [3] and was sold to Yahoo in 2013.[4] In 2014, Yahoo shuttered Qwiki.

Monier received a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Paris XI, France[5] in 1980 and worked at Carnegie Mellon University, Xerox PARC, and DEC's Western Research Laboratory.

Louis was the Chief Scientist of Proximic until July 2013,[6] and has founded a health technology company, Kyron.


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