Louis Phélypeaux, marquis de La Vrillière

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An engraving of Louis Phélypeaux, marquis de La Vrillière (1723).

Louis Phélypeaux (1672–1725), marquis de La Vrillière, was a French politician.

He succeeded his father Balthazar Phélypeaux as minister for the "so-called Reformed religion", that is with responsibility for Huguenots in 1700. In 1715, when the Regent forced Phélypeaux's kinsman Jérôme Phélypeaux to resign his ministries in favour of Jérôme's son Jean Frédéric, Phélypeaux became acting head of the Department of the Maison du Roi and of Navy Ministry. He exercised control of the ministries from 1715 to 1718 when Jean-Frédéric took effective office.

He was succeeded as minister for Huguenot matters by his son, Louis.

He married Françoise de Mailly-Nesle (1688–1742) in 1700. They had four children:

  1. Anne-Marie (1702–1716)
  2. Marie-Jeanne (1704–1793) who married her kinsman Jean Frédéric, comte de Maurepas, in 1718.
  3. Louis (1705–1777), comte de Saint-Florentin, marquis (1725) and (1770) duc de La Vrillière
  4. Louise-Françoise (1707–1737) who married Louis de Bréhan de Plélo (1699–1734)