Louis Plaidy

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Louis Plaidy

Louis Plaidy (28 November 1810 in Hubertusburg, Saxony – 3 March 1874 in Grimma, Saxony) was a celebrated German piano pedagogue and compiler of books of technical music studies.[1][2]

Plaidy was invited to join the faculty of the Leipzig Conservatory in 1843 by Felix Mendelssohn, remaining there through 1865. Among his notable students were Dudley Buck, Frederic Hymen Cowen, Felix Draeseke, Gustave Gagnon, Edvard Grieg, Michael Maybrick, James Cutler Dunn Parker, Oscar Paul, Julius Röntgen, Ernst Rudorff, Samuel Sanford, Arthur Sullivan, and Hans von Bülow. See: List of music students by teacher: N to Q#Louis Plaidy.

He published two books on piano pedagogy, Technische Studien fuer das Pianofortespiel and Der Clavierlehrer.


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