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Antoine Louis John Ruchonnet

Antoine Louis John Ruchonnet (28 April 1834 – 14 September 1893) was a Swiss politician.

He was first elected to the Swiss Federal Council on 10 December 1875 but declined the election. He was elected again, and accepted the election, on 3 March 1881 and died in office on 14 September 1893. He was affiliated to the Free Democratic Party of Switzerland.

During his time in office he held the following departments:

He was President of the Confederation twice in 1883 and 1890.

Avenue Louis-Ruchonnet in Lausanne is named after him.

There is a portrait of Louis Ruchonnet by Adolfo Müller-Ury (1862-1947), signed 'A Muller-Uri 1888' in the Musee des Beaux-Arts in Lausanne. It was the gift of his son Ernest Ruchonnet in 1894.

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  • Rossel, Virgile (1893). Louis Ruchonnet: Sa vie, son esprit, son œuvre (in French). Lausanne: F. Payot. 

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