Louis Thomas Jérôme Auzoux

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Louis Thomas Jerome Auzoux

Louis Thomas Jérôme Auzoux (7 April 1797 – 7 March 1880) was a French anatomist and naturalist.


Louis Auzoux obtained a medical degree in 1818 and was appointed to the surgical department of the Hotel-Dieu with Guillaume Dupuytren. In 1820 he visited the papier-mâché workshop of Francois Ameline and later (1827) set up a workshop making very accurate human and veterinary anatomical models in his Normandy birthplace Saint-Aubin-d'Écrosville.This traded as Maison Auzoux. Auzoux also made large scale zoological and botanical models for educational use. The models were called "anatomy clastique" (Greek klastos - broken in pieces), because they could be taken apart to show the full structure. The company also traded in other natural history material.


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