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The Louis d'Or is a Dutch acting award, given annually to the actor with the most impressive leading role of the theater season. It is awarded by the Vereniging van Schouwburg- en Concertgebouwdirecties (VSCD), the main trade organisation for theaters in The Netherlands. The award itself is a golden medal, currently designed by Eric Claus. It was named after the Dutch actor Louis Bouwmeester. Its female counterpart is the Theo d'Or.

The Louis d'Or is awarded annually, along with the other VSCD stage awards, at the Gala of Dutch Theater in the Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam.


The jury is compiled of theater programmers, producers and critics, who have explicitly provided themselves in their relative disciplines. Jurors can take part of a jury for maximal six years. New jurors can be nominated by the jury itself or be appointed by the board of the VSCD.[1]

Award winners[edit]

Louis d'Or 1955: Paul Steenbergen (left)
Louis d'Or 1961: Bob de Lange
Louis d'Or 1963: Guus Hermus
Louis d'Or 1967: Eric Schneider (centre)
Louis d'Or 1969: Hans Tiemeyer (2nd left)
Louis d'Or 1970: Henk van Ulsen (right)


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