Louis de Crevant, Duke of Humières

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Louis de Crévant, Duc d'Humières (1628 – 30 August 1694) was a Marshal of France and Governor of Compiègne, Bourbonnais and Lille.

Louis de Crevant.

He was present at the Battle of the Dunes, and participated in the Franco-Dutch war under Turenne. He was made Marshal of France in 1668. At the Battle of Cassel he and Marshal Luxembourg assisted Philippe I, Duke of Orléans to victory.

In 1688 he invaded the Spanish Netherlands but did not succeed the next year in winning the Battle of Walcourt against a smaller force.

On 8 March 1653 he had married the beautiful, rich and influential Louise Antoinette de la Châtre, Comtesse de Nancay. The influence of the comtesse (she was Dame of the palace of the Queen) and his personal good relationship with Louvois were very important for his career.

Voltaire said of him, that he was the first who was served in silver in the trenches, and had ragouts and entremets served up to his table (at the siege of Arras, in 1658).