Louis, Count of Enghien

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Louis of Enghien
Spouse(s) Giovanna of Sanseverino
Father Walter III of Enghien
Mother Isabella of Brienne
Died 17 March 1394(1394-03-17)

Louis of Enghien (died March 17, 1394) titular Duke of Athens, Count of Brienne and Lord of Enghien 1381–1394, Count of Conversano 1356–1394. His coat-of-arms was "Enghien (gyronny of eight argent and sable crusilly or), a label gules bezantee".


Louis was the fourth son of Walter III of Enghien and Isabella of Brienne. When his mother divided the inheritance of his uncle Walter VI of Brienne among her sons, he received the title of Count of Conversano. In 1370, he and his brothers, including John of Enghien, wrote to the Doge of Venice to request Venetian aid in reclaiming Athens from the Catalan Company, but help was not forthcoming. On the death of his childless nephew Walter V of Enghien in 1381, he also became titular Duke of Athens, Count of Brienne and Lord of Enghien.

He married Giovanna of Sanseverino, and they had four daughters: Margaret, Yolanda, Isabella, and Helena. On his death, at Conversano, on March 17, 1394, his titles were inherited by his eldest daughter

Peter I married in his own turn, Margaret de Baux, by whom he had nine children: among them are Louis, Count of St. Pol, Brienne, and Conversano, and Jacquetta (mother of Queen consort Elizabeth Woodville).

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