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Louisa So
Chinese name 蘇玉華
Chinese name 蘇玉華 (traditional)
Chinese name 苏玉华 (simplified)
Pinyin Sū Yùhuā (Mandarin)
Jyutping Sou1 Juk6 Waa4 (Cantonese)
Born (1968-01-16) 16 January 1968 (age 49)
Hong Kong
Ancestry Xinhui, Guangdong, China
Website Louisa SO Yuk-wa's official website

Louisa So Yuk Wa (simplified Chinese: 苏玉华; traditional Chinese: 蘇玉華; pinyin: Sū Yùhuā; Born 16 January 1968 in Hong Kong) is a Hong Kong actress in drama and TV series. She is considered the "Cooking Mistress" of Hong Kong after winning the comedy cooking show Beautiful Cooking. In August 2009, she travelled by train across the United States, during which time she met Guardian journalist Douglas Rogers.[1] After a brief break in 2009, she unexpectedly returned to acting in 2014 as the protagonist in the TVB drama Rear Mirror, a role that brought her wide critical acclaim, after the show received high viewership ratings.[2]


Television series[edit]

Year Film Role Notes
1994 Journey of Love Yuen Suk-kuen
1995 Detective Investigation Files Gigi Yung
Detective Investigation Files II Gigi Yung
The Condor Heroes 95 Kung-suen Luk-ngok
A Kindred Spirit Chan Wing-kam
The Criminal Investigator
1996 One Good Turn Deserves Another Chow Zi-san
Night Journey Ding Siu-yuk
1997 Dark Tales II
Journey to the West II Eldest Fairy Xueliang
1998 Moments of Endearment Yeung Zan-nam
ICAC Investigators 1998 Shum Po-san
1999 Anti-Crime Squad Chow Nin-kiu
Road to Eternity Lin-fa
2000 Lost in Love Tse Suk-mei
2001 At Point Blank Wan Yuen-yau
The Awakening Story Susan Chiu Cheuk-lam
Colourful Life Chow Mung-han
2002 The Battle Against Evil Sui Fu-yung/Fu-yung Sin-zi
2003 Triumph in the Skies Ruby Bui Ka-lo
2005 Misleading Track Yan Ting (Yen) Warehoused and broadcast in 2005

Nominated - TVB Anniversary Awards Best Actress (Top 10)

Guts of Man Duen Dan-fung Warehoused series
2006 Bar Bender Chong Hiu-wai
Men in Pain Wong Dak-kiu
2007 Phoenix Rising Yim Pui-Woo/Yeung Choi Yiu Warehoused and broadcast in 2008
2008 Wasabi Mon Amour Ko You-mei (Ah Me)
Best Selling Secrets (2008) Lai Pong Yue-yuk Guest Appearance
2009 The Winter Melon Tale Chung Pik-yuk
A Bride for a Ride Mo Sam-leung
2013 The Hippocratic Crush II Moon Sun Man-yuet
2014 Rear Mirror Anson Yiu Ngai-yan Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress
2015 Lord of Shanghai Cho Yuet-Lan Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actress
2017 The Forgotten Valley Qin Sau-wan


  • 1989: Grease 油脂
  • 1989: Such a Lovely Bastille Day 某一年的七月十四日
  • 1989: Biloxi Blues 衝上雲霄
  • 1989: The Normal Heart 常在我心間
  • 1990: How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying 登龍有術
  • 1990: Tin Hau - Goddess of Heaven 天后
  • 1990: Goddess Kwun Yum and Virgin Maria 生觀音與瑪莉亞
  • 1990: Terry Nova 光榮之旅
  • 1991: One of the Lucky Ones (Re-run) 伴我同行(重演)
  • 1991: Fou Lei & Fou Tsong 傅雷與傅聰
  • 1991: The Government Inspector 欽差大臣
  • 1991: Deadly Ecstasy 神火
  • 1991: Orchards 情有獨鍾
  • 1992: Nothing Scared 百無禁忌
  • 1992: I Have a Date with Spring 我和春天有個約會
  • 1992: Noises Off 蝦碌戲班
  • 1992: A Flea in Her Ear 橫衝直撞偷錯情
  • 1992: House of Blue Leaves 藍葉之屋
  • 1992: M Butterfly 蝴蝶君
  • 1993: M Butterfly (Re-run) 蝴蝶君
  • 1993: I Have a Date with Spring (Re-run) 我和春天有個約會
  • 1993: The Legend of the Mad Phoenix 南海十三郎
  • 1993: King Lear 李爾王
  • 1993: Guan Hanqing 關漢卿
  • 1993: The Trial 審判
  • 1994: Amadeus 莫札特之死
  • 1994: Major Barbara 芭巴拉少校
  • 1995: I Have a Date with Spring 我和春天有個約會
  • 1996: That's Entertainment 播音情人
  • 1997: The Mad Phoenix 南海十三郎
  • 1997: That's Entertainment 播音情人
  • 2000: Noises Off 蝦碌戲班
  • 2002: Love in a Fallen City 新傾城之戀
  • 2002: Between Life and Death 生死界
  • 2003: A Serenade 寒江釣雪
  • 2005: Superman Forever 你今日拯救o左地球未呀?
  • 2005: Love in a Fallen City 05 新傾城之戀 05
  • 2006: Love in a Fallen City 06 新傾城之戀 '06 傾情再遇
  • 2007: The Peach Blossom Land 暗戀桃花源
  • 2012: Rabbit Hole 心洞
  • 2013: I Have a Date with Spring 我和春天有個約會(春天舞台重演版)
  • 2013: The Mad Phoenix (Re-run) 南海十三郎(重演版)
  • 2013: 18/F Block C 十八樓C座
  • 2015: The Amahs 金蘭姐妹
  • 2015: Into the Womb 胎內
  • 2015: Le Dieu Du Carnage (Re-run) 狂揪夫妻 (重演)



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