Louise Andrews Kent

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Louise Andrews Kent
Born Louise Andrews
(1886-05-25)May 25, 1886
Brookline, Massachusetts, U.S.
Died August 6, 1969(1969-08-06) (aged 83)
Pen name Theresa Tempest
Mrs Appleyard
Occupation Writer
Nationality American
Genre children's literature
Spouse Ira Rich Kent
Children Elizabeth, Hollister, Rosamond

Louise Andrews Kent (May 25, 1886 – August 6, 1969) [1] was an American author. She was born in Brookline, Massachusetts in 1886 and graduated from Simmons College School of Library Science in 1909, where she was president of her senior class and editor of the college paper.[2] She became a newspaper columnist and author of children's books, cookbooks. She wrote a newspaper column, Theresa’s Tea Table,[2] in the Boston Traveller under the pen name of Theresa Tempest and later authored a series of cookbooks as Mrs. Appleyard.[1] Kent, also as Mrs. Appleyard, wrote a quarterly feature on food for Vermont Life magazine for many years.[3]

The Vermont Historical Society, of which Kent was a trustee during the 1950s,[4] maintains a collection of research notes, manuscript and typescript drafts and galley proofs of her work.[1]


Louise Andrews Kent married Ira Rich Kent (1876–1945) in 1912. The couple had three children and maintained residences in both Brookline and Calais, Vermont.[1] In 1959, Kent, by then a widow, moved permanently to Calais.[4]

Kent's father, Walter Edward Andrews, immigrated to the United States after the civil war. Kent's mother, Mary Sophronia Edgerly, grew up in New England and attended private schools. She was very athletic and participated in tennis, shooting, swimming, riding, and golfing. In fact, Edgerly won the first women's golf tournament to ever be played in the United States. The tournament took place at a Brookline country club. Edgerly died in 1899 of influenza when Louise Andrews Kent was just 13 years old.[5]


Books authored by Louise Andrews Kent include:


  • (1939) Paul Revere Square
  • The Terrace

Children's fiction[edit]

  • (1931) Douglas of Porcupine
  • (1935) He went with Marco Polo: A Story of Venice and Cathay
  • (1940) He went with Christopher Columbus
  • (1943) He went with Magellan
  • (1947) He went with Vasco da Gama
  • (1959) He went with Champlain
  • (1961) He went with Drake
  • (1967) He went with Hannibal
  • The Red Rajah
  • The Children of Tyre


  • (1941) Mrs. Appleyard's Year
  • (1942) "Mrs. Appleyard's Kitchen"
  • (1953) ...with Kitchen Privileges
  • (1957) The Summer Kitchen
  • (1962) The Winter Kitchen
  • (1965) Vermont Year Round Cookbook
  • (1974) Mrs. Appleyard’s Kitchen Omnibus

Other non-fiction[edit]

  • (1948) Village Greens of New England
  • (1955) The Brookline Trunk
  • (1968) Mrs. Appleyard and I


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