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Louise Dale is an English writer who lives in Newark, England. She writes the Time Trigger series.

The series is about two 12-year-olds, Alice and Robert, who are trying to recover and return all the "Time Triggers", which propel you forwards and backwards in time. The book Millennium Spies was nominated for several Lincolnshire book awards.[which?]

So far, there are six books in the series:

  • The Curse of Rocamadour (2002)
  • The Keys of Rome (2003)
  • Millenium Spies (2004)
  • Savage Pilgrims (2004)
  • Royal Pirates (2005)
  • The Masks of Robin Hood (2006)

Plot synopses[edit]

The Curse of Rocamadour[edit]

Alice and Robert are going on a school trip to France. In their home town of Nottinghamshire, there has been mysterious flooding and Alice finds a half a stone (a Time Trigger) in her back garden washed up by the floods. She takes the stone to France with her where she meets a French boy called Jean-Marc who mysteriously has the other half of the stone. On the school trip they visit the town of Rocamadour where their adventures really begin as they embark on a treacherous quest to unlock some secrets of the past that will take them back to Ice Age caves and medieval castles.

The Keys of Rome[edit]

Alice and Robert are in Rome, where they discover mysterious and powerful Time Triggers with links to the English City of Lincoln. They travel back in time to Renaissance Italy where they meet up with Michelangelo, who sets them a quest.

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