Louise Forsslund

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Louise Forsslund
Louise Forsslund.png
Louise Forsslund circa 1909
Born 1873
Sayville, New York
Died May 2, 1910
Brentwood, New York
Occupation Author

Louise Forsslund (March 13, 1873 - May 2, 1910) was the pen name of American author Mary Louise Foster, who wrote a number of short stories and novels in the first decade of the 20th century. Forsslund was her father's surname before he Americanized it to Foster,[1] and she incorporated some of his many experiences into her stories.[2]

Her short stories appeared in publications including the Ladies' Home Journal, The Century Magazine, and Tom Watson's Magazine.[3]

Her last novel, Old Lady Number 31, was turned into a play in 1916-17 and the silent film Old Lady 31 in 1920.[4]

She was a native of Sayville, New York, and died on May 2, 1910 in nearby Brentwood, New York.[5] She married Charles Carey Waddell in 1906,[6] who authored The Van Suyden Sapphires under the name Charles Carey.[7]

Selected bibliography[edit]

  • The Story of Sarah (1901)
  • The Ship of Dreams (1902)
  • Old Lady Number 31 (1909)


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