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Louise Giblin
Louise Giblin, July 2014.JPG
Louise Giblin, July 2014
Born 1963
Occupation Sculptor

Louise Giblin (born 1963) MA, MRBS, is a body-cast sculptor.[1] She is noted in particular for her “Body-Casting Olympians” project.


Louise trained under Anthony Gormley and Peter Randall-Page at Brighton Polytechnic (1982–86) and at the Chelsea College of Arts (1989–93).

From 1990 to 1994 she was on the Secondary Education Advisory Group within the Design Council, London. She was elected Associate of the Royal British Society of Sculptors in 2010 and was elected a full Member in 2014.

Olympians Project[edit]

This project aimed to record the physiques of five British Olympians in 2011. Each subject body-cast also had a series of surface decorations pertinent to their lives. Part of the profits was donated to the Headfirst charity, which funds research into brain injuries. This project led Louise to be called “one of the world’s leading body cast sculptors”.[2]

The body-casts weigh around 10 kg and must be worn for an hour whilst setting.[3]

The chosen subjects (with surface decoration shown in brackets) were:

Living Legends Project[edit]

Lest We Forget Project[edit]

This is an important exercise in "historical memory": casting the hands of nine British military personnel who have served in the many wars within the last 50 years. The subject's include Louise's brother, Brigadier John McKintosh, who served in Bosnia. The project is planned to be expanded until 11 November 2018, the centenary of the last day of World War One, having begun on the centenary of the start of the war.[4]

Other Exhibitions of Note[edit]


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