Louise H. Emmons

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Louise H. Emmons
Born23 August 1943
Montevideo, Uruguay
Known forThe 307-page opus Neotropical Rainforest Mammals: A Field Guide [1][2]
Scientific career
InstitutionsNational Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian Institution

Louise H. Emmons is an American zoologist.

Her best known work is the field guide Neotropical Rainforest Mammals: A Field Guide, first published in 1990, with a second edition in 1997.[1][2]

Description of new taxa[edit]

Louise H. Emmons described several new taxa of mammals:

She also introduced the new taxon name Olallamys for a genus of spiny rats.[11]

Taxonomic patronym[edit]

In honor of Louise H. Emmons, one taxonomic patronym was given for a rodent with the species name emmonsae:


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