Louise Island

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For the island in Antarctica, see Louise Island, Antarctica.
Louise Island
Coordinates 52°57′18″N 131°46′26″W / 52.95500°N 131.77389°W / 52.95500; -131.77389Coordinates: 52°57′18″N 131°46′26″W / 52.95500°N 131.77389°W / 52.95500; -131.77389
Archipelago Queen Charlotte Islands
Area 272 km2 (105 sq mi)
Ethnic groups Haida

Louise Island is a 272-square-kilometre (105 sq mi) island in Haida Gwaii, in British Columbia, Canada, off the east coast of Moresby Island.[1] It was named for Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria. Louise Islands is located east of Moresby Island and Carmichael Passage, and south of Cumshewa Inlet.

The island is home to the ancient Haida village of Skedans. Beatty Anchorage, a logging camp, is also on the island.

Two officially-named mountains on the island are Mount Kermode and Mount Carl.

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