Louise Mauger

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Louise Mauger
Marché Maisonneuve 1.jpg
Her statue and the Maisonneuve Market in background
Born 1598
St-Martin d'Igé, ev. Sees, Perche, France
Died 1690
Occupation farmer
Spouse(s) Pierre Gadoys
Children Roberte (1621–1716)
Pierre (1632–1714)
Jean-Baptiste (1641–1728)

Louise Mauger (1598 – March 1690) was one of the pioneers in Montreal.

Mauger was born abt 1598 in St-Martin d'Igé, ev. Sees, Perche, France and married to Pierre Gadoys (1594–1667) before September 15, 1628 in France. Three of their children are known to us: Roberte (1621–1716) who in 1650 married the pioneer Louis Prud’homme: Pierre (1632–1714), born in France, died at Montreal; and Jean-Baptiste (1641–1728) born at Quebec City, died at Montreal; both the sons were gunsmiths. Their descendants have survived to the present day. Louise Mauger was buried on March 18, 1690 in Montreal.

Without naming her, the Fermière Monument (Montreal) is an homage to Louise Mauger. She is depicted as a market gardener of the 17th century.