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Louise Munro Foley (born October 22, 1933) is a Canadian writer who later moved to the United States. She was born as Louise Munro in Toronto; her last name was adopted in 1957 when she married Donald Foley.

In the 1960s she worked as a copy editor for a number of radio stations and department stores before taking courses at California State University in Sacramento. Whilst doing this, she wrote her first book, "The Caper Club" and it was published in 1969. Foley also wrote a number of articles for Writer's Digest and the Christian Science Monitor during this period, besides hosting a number of radio programmes. After she finished her degree at California State University in 1976, Foley divorced and turned to full-time writing, firstly for the Twistaplot series and from 1983, for Choose Your Own Adventure.

Foley was only the fourth author after Edward Packard, R.A. Montgomery and Richard Brightfield to permanently establish herself within the Choose Your Own Adventure series.

Her last book for Choose Your Own Adventure, Ghost Train was written in 1991. Since that time, Foley has moved to young-adult fiction, writing a number of books about intelligent cats.

Foley is currently an instructor at the Institute of Children's Literature in West Redding, Connecticut.

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