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Frederikke Louise Stolberg (1746–1824), was a Danish Salonist, playwright and letter writer. She is contributed with a certain degree of political influence upon various power holders in the policy of Denmark and Germany; she participated in the 1784 coup in Denmark.

Daughter of count Christian Ditlev Reventlow (1710–75) and Johanne Frederikke von Bothmer (1718–54); in 1761 married to courtier Christian Frederik von Gram (1737–1768) and in 1777 to count Christian Stolberg (1748–1821). Her second marriage was a love match; the couple married for mutual love and became very happy, though poor and childless. Until 1797, they lived in Tremsbüttel i Holsten, where her spouse was a local administrator and where she hosted a salon described as a centre for the German-Danish cultural world. She corresponded with many of the leading figures within the literal and political world in Denmark and Germany, among them Goethe. She also wrote a play, Emil (1782).

She was an advisor to her brothers, the politicians Christian Ditlev Frederik Reventlow and Johan Ludvig Reventlow, and contributed in the preparations of the coup of 1784, which deposed the Danish regency and brought the Bernstorff-Reventlow-Schimmelmann party to power.

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