Louisiana's 1st congressional district special election, 2008

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Voters in Louisiana's 1st congressional district voting in a special election on May 3, 2008, elected Steve Scalise as a new member of the United States House of Representatives, replacing Representative Bobby Jindal who resigned on January 14, 2008, to become Governor of Louisiana.

This election and Louisiana's 6th congressional district special election were the first Louisiana congressional elections not based on Louisiana's jungle primary since the 1970s.

Democratic primary[edit]


  • Gilda Reed, psychologist and professor
  • Vinny Mendoza, United States Air Force veteran, unsuccessful Democratic gubernatorial candidate in 2007


Democratic primary results[1]
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Gilda Reed 11,727 69.75
Democratic M. V. "Vinny" Mendoza 5,086 30.25
Total votes 16,813 100.00




Republican primary results[2]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Steve Scalise 16,799 48.34
Republican Tim Burns 9,631 27.72
Republican Ben Morris 7,388 21.26
Republican David Simpson 932 2.68
Total votes 34,750 100.00
Republican primary runoff results[3]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Steve Scalise 19,338 58.08
Republican Tim Burns 13,958 41.92
Total votes 33,296 100.00

Independent candidates[edit]

  • Anthony "Tony G" Gentile, oil refinery supervisor, unsuccessful independent gubernatorial candidate in 2007
  • R. A. "Skip" Galan

General election[edit]


Louisiana's 1st congressional district special election, 2008[4]
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Steve Scalise 33,867 75.13
Democratic Gilda Reed 10,142 22.50
Independent R. A. Galan 786 1.74
Independent Anthony Gentile 280 0.62
Total votes 45,075 100.00
Republican hold

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