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Louisiana Circuit Courts of Appeal is located in Louisiana
Baton Rouge (1st)
Baton Rouge (1st)
Shreveport (2nd)
Shreveport (2nd)
Lake Charles (3rd)
Lake Charles (3rd)
New Orleans (4th)
New Orleans (4th)
Gretna (5th)
Gretna (5th)
Court locations

The Louisiana Circuit Courts of Appeal are the intermediate appellate courts for the state of Louisiana.

There are five circuits, each covering a different group of parishes.[1] Each circuit is subdivided into three districts.[2]

As with the Louisiana Supreme Court, the regular judicial terms on the courts of appeal are ten years.

The courts of appeal are housed in the following cities in Louisiana:

First Circuit – Baton Rouge. See Samuel A. LeBlanc I, Luther F. Cole, Douglas Gonzales, John Michael Guidry, Jefferson D. Hughes III, Samuel A. LeBlanc I, Morris Lottinger Jr., Morris Lottinger Sr., Albert Tate Jr., and J. Louis Watkins Jr.

Second Circuit – Shreveport. See H. Welborn Ayres, Walter O. Bigby, James E. Bolin, Henry Newton Brown Jr., Jeff Cox, Harmon Caldwell Drew, Harmon Drew Jr., A. B. George, Fred W. Jones Jr., Pike Hall Jr., George W. Hardy Jr., Robert F. Kennon, Cecil Cherry Lowe (ad hoc), Charles A. Marvin, J. Frank McInnis, William Norris, III, Charles B. Peatross, O. E. Price, Robert Roberts Jr., Carl E. Stewart, Lynn Kyle Watkins, and Jeffrey P. Victory.

Third Circuit – Lake Charles. See William A. Culpepper, Alfred Briggs Irion, Jeannette Knoll, Jonathan Perry, Elizabeth Pickett, Albert Tate Jr., and Henry L. Yelverton.

Fourth Circuit – New Orleans. See Philip Ciaccio and Albert Estopinal Jr.

Fifth Circuit – Gretna. See Charles Grisbaum Jr., and Greg G. Guidry.


The Circuit Courts of Appeal have appellate jurisdiction over all civil matters, all matters appealed from family and juvenile courts, and most criminal cases that are tryable by a jury. A court of appeal also has supervisory jurisdiction to review interlocutory orders and decrees in cases which are heard in the trial courts within their geographical circuits. One unique feature of the Courts of Appeal of Louisiana is that they are able to review questions of fact, as well as questions of law, in civil cases. In appeals of criminal cases, however, the appellate jurisdiction of the courts of appeal extends only to questions of law.[2]

1st Circuit[edit]

Parishes Included:

Circuit Seat: First Circuit Courthouse (Baton Rouge)

Current judges[3]
Title Name District Subdistrict Election section Division Party Term
Chief Judge Vanessa Guidry-Whipple 1 D Democrat 1991–
Circuit Judge John Michael Guidry 2 2 D Democrat 1997–
Circuit Judge J. Michael "Mike" McDonald 2 1 B Republican 2003–
Circuit Judge Page McClendon 3 B Republican 2002–
Circuit Judge Jewel E. "Duke" Welch 2 1 C Republican 2004–
Circuit Judge Chris Hester 2 1 A Republican 2020–
Circuit Judge William J. Crain 3 D Republican 2013–
Circuit Judge Mitchell R. Theriot 1 B Republican 2012–
Circuit Judge Guy Holdridge 1 1 C Republican 2015–
Circuit Judge Wayne Ray Chutz 3 A Republican 2015–
Circuit Judge Allison H. Penzato 3 C Republican 2017–
Circuit Judge Walter I. Lanier, III 1 A Republican 2019–

2nd Circuit[edit]

Parishes Included: Bienville, Bossier, Caddo, Caldwell, Claiborne, DeSoto, East Carroll, Franklin, Jackson, Lincoln, Madison, Morehouse, Ouachita, Red River, Richland, Tensas, Union, Webster, West Carroll, Winn

Circuit Seat: Second Circuit Courthouse (Shreveport)

Current judges[4]
Title Name District Election section Division Party Term
Chief Judge Felicia Toney Williams 1 1 C Democrat 1993–
Circuit Judge D. Milton Moore, III 1 2 B Democrat 2002–
Circuit Judge John Larry Lolley 1 2 A Democrat 2003–
Circuit Judge Frances Jones Pitman 3 2 B Republican 2013–
Circuit Judge Jeanette G. Garrett 3 2 C Independent 2013–
Circuit Judge Shonda D. Stone 3 1 A Democrat 2016–
Circuit Judge "Jeff" Cox 2 C Republican 2017–
Circuit Judge James M. Stephens 2 A Democrat 1998–
Circuit Judge Jay McCallum 2 A Independent 2018–
Circuit Judge vacant 2 B

3rd Circuit[edit]

Parishes Included: Acadia, Allen, Avoyelles, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, Catahoula, Concordia, Evangeline, Grant, Iberia, Jefferson Davis, Lafayette, LaSalle, Natchitoches, Rapides, Sabine, St. Landry, St. Martin, Vermilion, Vernon

Circuit Seat: Third Circuit Courthouse (Lake Charles)

Current judges[5]
Title Name District Election section Division Party Term
Chief Judge Ulysses Gene Thibodeaux 2 1 C Democrat 1992–
Circuit Judge Sylvia R. Cooks 3 2 D Democrat 1992–
Circuit Judge John D. Saunders 3 1 C Democrat 1993–[6]
Circuit Judge Elizabeth A. Pickett 1 A Independent 1997–
Circuit Judge Billy H. Ezell 2 2 B Republican 2003–
Circuit Judge Shannon J. Gremillion 1 C Democrat 2008–
Circuit Judge Phyllis M. Keaty 3 5 A Republican 2010–
Circuit Judge John E. Conery 3 3 E Republican 2013–
Circuit Judge D. Kent Savoie 2 2 A Republican 2015–
Circuit Judge Van H. Kyzar 1 B Democrat 2017–
Circuit Judge Candyce Perret 1 C Republican 2017–
Circuit Judge Jonathan W. Perry Republican 2019–

4th Circuit[edit]

Parishes Included: Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard

Circuit Seat: Fourth Circuit Courthouse (New Orleans)

Current judges[7]
Title Name District Division Party Term
Chief Judge James F. McKay, III at large Democrat 1998–
Circuit Judge Terri F. Love 1 E Democrat 2000–
Circuit Judge Edwin A. Lombard 1 A Democrat 2003–
Circuit Judge Roland Belsome at large Democrat 2004–
Circuit Judge Daniel L. Dysart 3 A Democrat 2010–
Circuit Judge Joyce Cossich Lobrano 2 A Republican 2010–
Circuit Judge Rose Ledet 1 G Democrat 2010–
Circuit Judge Sandra Cabrina Jenkins 1 H Democrat 2012–
Circuit Judge Regina Bartholomew-Woods 1 D Democrat 2017–
Circuit Judge Paula A. Brown 1 C Democrat 2017–
Circuit Judge Tiffany G. Chase Democrat 2017–
Circuit Judge Dale N. Atkins Democrat 2018–

5th Circuit[edit]

Parishes Included: Jefferson, St. Charles, St. James, St. John the Baptist

Circuit Seat: Fifth Circuit Courthouse (Gretna)

Current judges[8]
Title Name District Election section Division Party Term
Chief Judge Susan M. Chehardy 1 D Republican 1998–
Circuit Judge Fredericka H. Wicker 1 B Republican 2006–
Circuit Judge Jude G. Gravois 2 H Democrat 2011–
Circuit Judge Marc E. Johnson 1 2 C Democrat 2009–
Circuit Judge Robert A. Chaisson 3 I Democrat 2011–
Circuit Judge Stephen J. Windhorst 1 E Republican 2012–
Circuit Judge Hans J. Liljeberg 1 F Republican 2012–
Circuit Judge John J. Molaison, Jr. G Republican 2018–


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