List of Louisiana Confederate Civil War units

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This is a list of Louisiana Confederate Civil War units. The list of Louisiana Union Civil War units is shown separately.

Confederate Army[edit]


  • 1st Infantry
  • 1st (Nelligan's) Infantry
  • 1st (Strawbridge's) Infantry
  • 2nd Infantry
  • 3rd Infantry
  • 4th Infantry
  • 5th (Hay's 'Fighting Tigers') Infantry
  • 6th Infantry
  • 7th Infantry
  • 8th Infantry
  • 9th Infantry
  • 10th Infantry
  • 11th Infantry
  • 12th Infantry
  • 13th Infantry (13th-20th Consolidated)
  • 14th Infantry
  • 15th Infantry
  • 16th Infantry
  • 17th Infantry
  • 18th Infantry
  • 19th Infantry
  • 20th Infantry
  • 21st (Kennedy's) Infantry
  • 21st (Patton's) Infantry
  • 22nd Infantry
  • 22nd (Consolidated) Infantry
  • 25th Infantry
  • 26th Infantry
  • 27th Infantry
  • 28th (Gray's) Infantry
  • 29th (Thomas's) Infantry (sometimes shown as a second 28th)
  • 30th Infantry
  • 31st Infantry
  • Consolidated 18th Regiment and Yellow Jacket Battalion, Infantry
  • Consolidated Crescent Regiment, Infantry
  • Crescent Regiment, Infantry
  • 1st (Rightor's) Special Battalion, Infantry
  • 1st (Wheat's) Special Battalion, Infantry (Louisiana Tigers)
  • 4th Battalion, Infantry
  • 7th Battalion, Infantry
  • 9th Battalion, Infantry
  • 10th Battalion, Infantry
  • 11th Battalion, Infantry
  • 16th Battalion, Infantry


  • 14th (Austin's) Battalion, Sharp Shooters
  • 15th (Weatherly's) Battalion, Sharp Shooters


  • 1st Cavalry
  • 2nd Cavalry
  • 3rd Cavalry
  • 3rd (Harrison's) Cavalry
  • 3rd (Wingfield's) Cavalry
  • 4th Cavalry
  • 5th Cavalry
  • 6th Cavalry
  • 7th Cavalry
  • 8th Cavalry
  • 9th (Ogden's) Cavalry
  • 18th Battalion, Cavalry

Partisan Rangers[edit]

  • 13th Battalion (Partisan Rangers)


Light Artillery[edit]

  • Pointe Coupee Artillery Battalion
  • Washington Battalion, Artillery
  • 3rd Battery (Benton's), Light Artillery
  • 1st Field Battery, Artillery
  • 2nd Field Battery, Light Artillery
  • 5th Field Battery (Pelican Light Artillery), Light Artillery
  • 6th Field Battery (Grosse Tete Flying Artillery), Horse Artillery
  • Semmes' Horse Artillery Battalion

Heavy Artillery[edit]

  • 1st Heavy Artillery
  • 2nd Battalion, Heavy Artillery
  • 8th Battalion, Heavy Artillery


  • 1st Chasseurs a pied, Militia
  • 1st Native Guards, Militia
  • Assumption Regiment, Militia
  • Cazadores Espanoles Regiment, Militia
  • Chalmette Regiment, Militia
  • Claiborne Regiment, Militia
  • Confederate Guards Regiment, Militia
  • Irish Regiment, Militia
  • La Fourche Regiment, Militia
  • Orleans Fire Regiment, Militia
  • Orleans Guards Regiment, Militia
  • Pointe Coupee Light Infantry, Militia
  • Pointe Coupee Regiment, Militia
  • St. James Regiment, Militia
  • St. Martin's Regiment, Militia
  • Terrebonne Regiment, Militia
  • Vermillion Regiment, Militia
  • Algiers Battalion, Militia
  • Battalion British Fusileers, Militia
  • Battalion French Volunteers, Militia
  • Beauregard Battalion, Militia
  • Beauregard Regiment, Militia
  • Bragg's Battalion, Militia
  • British Guard Battalion, Militia
  • Jackson Rifle Battalion, Militia
  • Leeds' Guards Battalion, Militia
  • Barr's Independent Company (Blakesley Guards), Militia
  • Brenan's Company (Company A, Shamrock Guards), Militia
  • Delery's Company (St. Bernard Horse Rifles), Militia
  • French Company of St. James, Militia
  • Knap's Company (Fausse River Guards), Militia
  • Lartigue's Company (Bienville Guards), Militia
  • Cavalry Squadron (Independent Rangers of Iberville), Militia
  • Cagnolatti's Company, Cavalry (Chasseurs of Jefferson), Militia
  • Continental Cadets, Militia
  • Continental Regiment, Militia
  • Crescent Cadets, Militia
  • Lewis Guards, Militia
  • Mechanics Guard, Militia
  • Mounted Rangers of Plaquemines, Militia
  • Squadron Guides d'Orleans, Militia
  • St. John the Baptist Reserve Guards, Militia
  • Lafayette Artillery, Militia
  • McPherson's Battery (Orleans Howitzers), Militia

1st Division[edit]

1st Brigade[edit]

  • 3rd Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
  • 4th Regiment, 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Militia

2nd Brigade[edit]

  • 1st Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
  • 2nd Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
  • 3rd Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
  • 4th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, Militia

3rd Brigade[edit]

  • 1st Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
  • 2nd Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
  • 3rd Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, Militia
  • 4th Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, Militia

European Brigade[edit]

  • 1st Regiment, European Brigade, Militia
  • 3rd Regiment, European Brigade (Garde Francaise), Militia
  • 4th Regiment, European Brigade, Militia
  • 5th Regiment, European Brigade (Spanish Regiment), Militia
  • 6th Regiment, European Brigade (Italian Guards Battalion), Militia

French Brigade[edit]

  • 1st Regiment, French Brigade, Militia
  • 2nd Regiment, French Brigade, Militia
  • 3rd Regiment, French Brigade, Militia
  • 4th Regiment, French Brigade, Militia

State Guards[edit]

  • 1st Battalion Infantry (State Guards)
  • 1st Battalion, Cavalry (State Guards)
  • 2nd Battalion, Cavalry (State Guards)


  • 1st Reserves
  • 2nd Reserve Corps


  • Bickham's Company (Caddo Militia)
  • Bonnabel Guards, Militia
  • Borge's Company (Garnet Rangers), Militia
  • C. S. Zouave Battalion, Volunteers
  • Catahoula Battalion
  • Conscripts, Louisiana
  • Dubecq's Company, Cavalry
  • Fire Battalion, Militia
  • Herrick's Company (Orleans Blues)
  • Jeff Davis Regiment, Infantry
  • Lewis Regiment
  • Lott's Company (Carroll Dragoons), Cavalry
  • Louisiana and Government Employees Regiment
  • Louisiana Legion
  • Maddox's Regiment, Reserve Corps
  • Miles' Legion
    • Infantry Battalion
    • Cavalry Battalion
  • Millaudon's Company (Jefferson Mounted Guards)
  • Miller's Independent Company, Mounted Rifles
  • Ordnance Detachment
  • Pelican Regiment, Infantry
  • Red River Sharp Shooters
  • Reserve Corps
  • Sabine Reserves
  • Siege Train Battalion
  • Watkins' Battalion, Reserve Corps
  • Weatherly's Battalion, Infantry


  • Beauregard Battalion Battery, Artillery


  • Benjamin's Company, Cavalry
  • Bond's Company, Mounted Partisan Rangers
  • Cole's Company, Cavalry
  • Dreux's Cavalry, Company A
  • Greenleaf's Company (Orleans Light Horse), Cavalry
  • Norwood's Company (Jeff Davis Rangers), Cavalry
  • Nutt's Company (Red River Rangers), Cavalry
  • Plains Cavalry
  • Webb's Company, Cavalry


  • Bridge's Battery, Light Artillery
  • Castellanos' Battery, Artillery
  • Fenner's Battery, Light Artillery
  • Green's (Captain) Company (Louisiana Guard Battery), Artillery
  • Guyol's (Captain) Company (Orleans Artillery), Artillery
  • Holmes' Company, Light Artillery
  • Hutton's Company (Crescent Artillery, Company A), Artillery
  • Kean's Battery (Orleans Independent Artillery), Artillery
  • King's Battery, Artillery
  • Landry's Company (Donaldsonville Artillery), Artillery
  • Le Gardeur's Company (Orleans Guard Battery), Light, Artillery
  • Moody's Company (Madison Light Artillery), Artillery
  • Watson's Battery, Artillery

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