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Loukaniko Lemonato
Place of originGreece
Main ingredientsPork or lamb
Ingredients generally usedOrange peel, fennel seed, and various other dried herbs and seeds
Similar dishesLucanica

Loukaniko (Greek: λουκάνικο) is a type of Greek sausage made from pork or lamb and typically flavored with orange peel, fennel seed, and various other dried herbs and seeds, and sometimes smoked over aromatic woods. They are also often flavored with greens, especially leeks.[1]

Loukaniko is often served as a mezze, sliced and fried, sometimes with saganaki. It is also cooked into a variety of dishes.

The name 'loukaniko' is derived from ancient Roman cuisine's lucanica[2][1] (from Lucania region of Southern Italy) and has been used in Greece since at least the 4th century.[3]

See also[edit]

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