Loukas Petridis

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Loukas Petridis in 1905

Loukas Petridis (Greek: Λουκάς Πετρίδης) was a Ottoman Greek priest, monk and Metropolitan bishop of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.


Petridis was born in 1850 in Madytos, then Ottoman Empire (now Turkey).[1][2] He became a monk in Karyes of Mount Athos and graduated from the Theological School of Halki in 1878.[1] Then he served as a deacon of the Metropoly of Thessaloniki and later was appointed as a secretary of the ecclesiastical court.[1] In 1886 he was elected Metropolitan of Serres.[1][3][4] During his ecclesiastical career he also served as a Metropolitan bishop in Ainos since 1888, Dropull since 1899 and Veria in 1911.[1][2][4]

Lastly, he served as a Metropolitan bishop in Philadelphia, where he passed away on 19 December 1912 at the age of 71 or 72.[1]


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