Louky Bersianik

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Louky Bersianik
Born 14 November 1930
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Died December 3, 2011(2011-12-03) (aged 81)
Nationality Canadian
Occupation novelist

Louky Bersianik (14 November 1930 – 3 December 2011) was the pen name of Lucille Durand, a French-Canadian novelist.[1][2]

She studied French literature at the Université de Montréal, the Sorbonne, and the Centre d'études de radio et de télévision.[3]

The first section of the film Firewords/Les terribles vivantes (Dorothy Todd Hénault, 1986) is dedicated to interviews with Bersianik and dramatized excerpts from L'euguélionne.




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