Loup (river)

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This article is about the river Loup in southeast France. For the Loup River in Nebraska, USA, see Loup River.
Gorges du Loup.jpg
Origin Montagne de l'Audibergue (Alpes-Maritimes)
43°46′3″N 6°47′20″E / 43.76750°N 6.78889°E / 43.76750; 6.78889
Mouth Mediterranean Sea
43°38′35″N 7°8′41″E / 43.64306°N 7.14472°E / 43.64306; 7.14472
Basin countries France
Length 49 km (30 mi)

The Loup is a river in the Alpes-Maritimes département, France. With a length of 49 kilometres (30 mi), it ends in the Mediterranean Sea in Villeneuve-Loubet, near Cagnes-sur-Mer. It takes its source in Andon.

The Loup flows through the following cities and villages (source to mouth):