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Lourdes Grobet Argüelles (born 25 July 1940 in Mexico) is a contemporary Mexican photographer, best known for her photographs of Mexican Lucha libre wrestlers.


Lourdes Grobet studied plastic arts at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico and graphic design and photography in the United Kingdom at Cardiff College of Art and Derby College for Higher Education. She has had more than a hundred individual and joint exhibitions, including San Francisco MoMA,[1] Quai-Branly Museum in Paris, National Museum of Art in Kuala Lumpur in Malasia and festivals such as PHotoEspaña in Madrid.

Much influenced by Mathias Goeritz, the Polish sculptor from Gdańsk (Poland) and by Arceves Navarro, a Mexican master of art murals, who were her teachers, Lourdes Grobet worked on pictures of El Santo, one of the most important Mexican wrestlers, and a hero of Lucha libre who starred in more than 50 films. Since 1975, she has published more than 11,000 photographs of the sport, including those on the sport in the United States since the 1930s, and as an important part of Mexican popular culture, adopting a sociological attitude. The sport involves many costumes and masks, leading it to a sport-carnival air which is much appreciated by Mexicans. She has published a number of books: Lourdes Grobet: Lucha Libre (2005), Espectacular de Lucha Libre (2008), Lucha libre mexicana (2008).

In 1975, for the exhibition Hora y media, she transformed a gallery into a photographic laboratory. She developed the photographs, but without fixing them, and displayed them on three walls. While the public looked at the photographs, the lights from the gallery meant that they disappeared.

In 1977, she presented Travelling, an exhibition of photography on an escalator.

Among other works, she took: Paisajes pintados, Teatro campesino, Strip Tease.


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