Lourdes Orthopaedic Hospital

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Lourdes Orthopaedic Hospital (Kilcreene Hospital Kilkenny)
Health Service Executive
Location Kilcreene, County Kilkenny, Ireland
Care system Carlow-Kilkenny Acute Hospitals
Hospital type Orthopaedic
Beds 20

Lourdes Orthopaedic Hospital (also known as Kilcreene Hospital) is a public hospital located in Kilkenny, County Kilkenny, Ireland.[1] It is managed by the Health Service Executive and provides in-patient and out-patient orthopaedic services for the population of County Kilkenny and the South East. In 2008, the hospital served 4,887 out-patients, and 1,014 in-patients, with an average stay of 7.9 nights.[1] In 2008, 99.4% of all admissions were elective. The hospital saw 327 day cases in the same year.


The Hospital provides elective orthopaedic services for the population of South East Ireland. In-patient services include orthopaedics, anaesthesia, and radiology. Orthopaedic procedures performed include hip arthroplasty, knee arthroplasty, foot and ankle procedures, and upper limb procedures. The hospital provides 20 in-patient beds.[1]

Waiting times[edit]

As of November 2008,[2] the National Treatment Purchase Fund listed the following waiting times for procedures:


  • Adult patients waiting 3–6 months: 22
  • Adult patients waiting 6–12 months: 3
  • Adult patients waiting over 12 months: 0


Independent audits rated hygiene levels as 73% satisfactory in 2005,[3] rising to 89% in 2006.[4]

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