Louros (river)

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For the municipality of the same name, see Louros.
Country Greece
Main source Vouliasta, Ioannina regional unit, Epirus
39°25′55″N 20°50′28″E / 39.43194°N 20.84111°E / 39.43194; 20.84111
River mouth Ambracian Gulf
39°02′50″N 20°46′42″E / 39.04722°N 20.77833°E / 39.04722; 20.77833Coordinates: 39°02′50″N 20°46′42″E / 39.04722°N 20.77833°E / 39.04722; 20.77833
Physical characteristics
Length 80 km (50 mi)
Course of the Louros.

The Louros (Greek: Λούρος) is a river in the Epirus region, in northwestern Greece. It emerges from the ground in a large spring located immediately north of the village of Vouliasta, in Ioannina regional unit. It flows south through a canyon, and then a dam followed by a hydroelectric power station. The Louros flows past town of Filippiada, forming the boundary between Arta regional unit and Preveza regional unit. The river then veers east into the Preveza regional unit, flowing through the municipality of Louros, named after the river. The Louros then empties into the marshes at the northern end of the Ambracian Gulf.