Louverture Cleary School

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Louverture Cleary School
Croix des Bouquets, Ouest
School type Secondary Education School
Religious affiliation(s) Roman Catholic
Established 1987
Head of school Patrick Moynihan
Grades 712
Enrollment 365 (2011)

Louverture Cleary School is a Catholic boarding school located in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti.


Louverture Cleary School, founded in 1987 by The Haitian Project and St. Joseph's Parish in Providence, Rhode Island, is a tuition free, co-educational, Catholic boarding school that serves the greater Port-au-Prince area. Louverture Cleary students are academically gifted and live in some of the poorest neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince. All students are required to pass an entrance exam and each year students take courses in four languages: Kreyol, French, English, and Spanish.[1]

Louverture Cleary School has been recognized as one of the top secondary schools in Haiti and almost 100 percent of its Philo students pass the national baccalaureate exam each year.[2] Louverture Cleary School is also one of the only schools in Haiti to progressively teach in four languages.[3]

Louverture Cleary School is the sister school of Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria, Virginia.[4]


Louverture Cleary School's core curriculum adheres to the standards set by the Haitian Ministry of Education. These classes are supplemented by courses in Computer Science, Religion, English, and Spanish.[5]

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