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Grave of Louw Wepener

Louw Wepener (died 1865) was a military leader (kommandant in Afrikaans) in the Orange Free State who was killed during the Second Orange Free State-Basuto War at Thaba Bosiu, while trying to storm the mountain stronghold of Moshoeshoe I, founder of the Basotho nation. Wepener was killed in what was to be the last attack on Thaba Bosiu in Moshoeshoe's lifetime. Wepener was killed at Khubelo Pass and today this pass is sometimes referred to as Wepener's.

According to the epitaph on the Louw Wepener Monument he was born in 1812. The monument is erected at his burial site on his farm (Constantia) between Aliwal-North in the Eastern Cape and Bethulie in the Free State.

The town of Wepener (founded 1867) and Regiment Louw Wepener/Oos Vrystaat (since disbanded) were named after him.

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