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Lovdata is a foundation which publishes judicial information of Norway.

It publishes the periodical Norsk Lovtidend, and Lov&Data and EuroRett, and hosts a website with free, public access to all Norwegian laws and other judicial documents, including court rulings. It was established on 1 July 1981 by the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and the Police and the University of Oslo. It has had a database since 1983 and published laws on CDs since 1990.[1]

Managing director is Odd Storm-Paulsen, and the board consists of Knut Kaasen (chairman), Ida Børresen, Ketil Gjøen, Anne K. Herse and Randi Birgitte Bull.[2]

In 2018, Lovdata sued Håkon Wium Lie and another volunteer for having published Norwegian court decisions openly on rettspraksis.no. Lovdata, which offers access to such court decisions for an annual fee, sued the volunteers for having siphoned Lovdata's servers. In less than 24 hours, the Oslo court had ordered the web site to close and for the volunteers to pay for Lovdata's legal bills. The volunteers were not allowed to appear in court[3][4] In their appeal, they claimed that the documents were copied legally from optical disks found in the Norwegian National Library. Subsequently Lovdata dropped most of their claims and rettspraksis.no reopened. [5] However, Lovdata was granted a 15-year monopoly on issued disks.


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