Love's Secret Domain

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Love's Secret Domain
Studio album by Coil
Released 1991
Recorded January 1988 - October 1990
Genre Experimental, acid house, industrial, synthpop, ambient techno
Length 60:34
Label Wax Trax
Threshold House
Producer Coil
Coil chronology
Gold Is the Metal (With the Broadest Shoulders)
(1990)Gold Is the Metal (With the Broadest Shoulders)1990
Love's Secret Domain
Stolen & Contaminated Songs
(1991)Stolen & Contaminated Songs1991
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic4.5/5 stars[1]
Encyclopedia of Popular Music3/5 stars[2]

Love's Secret Domain is the third studio album by the British experimental band Coil, released in 1991. The album marked a departure from the brooding synthesizers and melodies of their first two albums, focusing more on sampling inspired by acid house. The singles released from the album were "Windowpane" and "The Snow". Guest vocalists include Marc Almond on "Titan Arch" and Annie Anxiety on "Things Happen".

A working title for the album was The Side Effects of Life.[3]

Love's Secret Domain was later remastered by Thighpaulsandra with slightly different track lengths. The album is currently available for purchasing in AAC, MP3, and FLAC formats at Coil's official website.

The song "Disco Hospital" was covered by Matmos on their EP California Rhinoplasty.

Lyrics of the song "Love's Secret Domain" borrow from the song "In Dreams": "In dreams I walk with you / In dreams I talk to you / In dreams you're mine / All the time." Lyrics are also culled from The Sick Rose by William Blake, specifically, "O rose, thou art sick".

The cover features a painting by Steven Stapleton originally created on an outhouse door.

Track listing[edit]

12" Vinyl[edit]

All lyrics written by John Balance; all music composed by Coil.

Side A
1."Disco Hospital"2:17
2."Teenage Lightning" ("Teenage Lightning 2" on CD)4:29
4."The Snow"3:55
5."Dark River"6:27
Side B
6."Further Back and Faster"7:54
7."Titan Arch"5:02
9."Love's Secret Domain"3:52


All lyrics written by John Balance, except track #3; all music composed by Coil.

1."Disco Hospital" 2:18
2."Teenage Lightning 1" 1:49
3."Things Happen"Annie Anxiety Bandez4:22
4."The Snow" 6:41
5."Dark River" 6:27
6."Where Even the Darkness Is Something to See" 3:05
7."Teenage Lightning 2" ("Teenage Lightning" from original LP) 5:09
8."Windowpane" 6:11
9."Further Back and Faster" 7:55
10."Titan Arch" 5:02
11."Chaostrophy" 5:37
12."Lorca Not Orca" 2:04
13."Love's Secret Domain" 3:52


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