Love, In Between

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Love, In Between
Film poster
Revised Romanization Du Yeoja
McCune–Reischauer Tu yŏja
Directed by Jeong Yun-su
Produced by Shin Yang-joong
Kang Kyung-il
Park Ji-myung
Written by Shin Yang-joong
Jeong Yun-su
Based on Black Ice by Petri Kotwica
Starring Shin Eun-kyung
Jung Joon-ho
Shim Yi-young
Music by Park Ji-woong
Cinematography Jin Yong-hwan
Edited by Kim Hyeong-ju
Distributed by CJ Entertainment
Release date
  • November 18, 2010 (2010-11-18)
Running time
105 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Box office US$836,481[1]

Love, In Between (Hangul두여자; RRDu Yeoja; MRTu yŏja; lit. "Two Women") is a 2010 South Korean film based on the Finnish film Black Ice (2007).


Love, In Between centers around a woman who discovers that her husband is having an affair. Prior to this, the couple were nearly perfect and the movie reflects the choices one might make in such a situation.

University professor Yun Ji-seok (Jung Joon-ho) loves his wife So-young (Shin Eun-kyung) who works as an obstetrician, but he cannot give up his new love, a student named Su-ji (Shim Yi-young) he is having an affair with. So-young embarks on an elaborate plan to befriend the woman. When So-young meets Su-ji, she experiences varying emotions from wanting revenge to sympathy...



The film was released in South Korean cinemas on November 18, 2010.[2] It opened at #8 in the box office selling, 59,424 tickets.[3] In total the film grossed US$836,481 in South Korea with 129,323 admissions sold nationwide.[1][2]


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