Love, Death & Mussolini

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Love, Death & Mussolini
Porcupine Tree - Love Death and Mussolin.jpg
EP by Porcupine Tree
Released Early 1990
Recorded 1989
Genre Psychedelic rock
Length 35:39
Label No Man's Land
Producer JC Camillioni, Porcupine Tree (Steven Wilson, Malcolm Stocks)
Porcupine Tree chronology
Tarquin's Seaweed Farm
Love, Death & Mussolini
The Nostalgia Factory
The front cover of the booklet from Love, Death & Mussolini.

The Love, Death & Mussolini E.P. was a cassette released by Steven Wilson under the pseudonym of 'Porcupine Tree'. It compiles a total of nine tracks of which seven were shortly after released in The Nostalgia Factory. The song "Out" was later included on the vinyl edition of the compilation album Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape and the 2013 CD remaster of the album. "It Will Rain for a Million Years" shares its name with a track in On the Sunday of Life... but is a totally different song and is elsewhere unavailable.

Love, Death & Mussolini was limited to only 10 copies so it is nearly impossible to obtain. According to Steven Wilson himself, he doesn't have a copy of the album.[1] Many of the lyrics on Love, Death & Mussolini were written by Alan Duffy and given to Wilson as a gift. The inlay of the sleeve contains credits to some musicians of which only JC Camillioni is an existing person, all of the rest are fictitious band members created by Wilson.

The album came with a booklet that had a mocking message explaining why the Love, Death & Mussolini EP is in fact an LP, descriptions of the songs and a catalogue.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Steven Wilson except tracks A2, A3, A4, and B4 written by Wilson/Duffy.

Side one - "The Extended Player"[edit]

  1. "Hymn" (Tree) - 1:22
  2. "Footprints" (Tree, Duffy) - 5:56
  3. "Linton Samuel Dawson" (Tree, Duffy) - 3:04
  4. "And the Swallows Dance Above the Sun" (Tree, Duffy) - 4:12
  5. "Queen Quotes Crowley" (St. Jemain) - 4:40

Side two - "The Long Player"[edit]

  1. "No Luck With Rabbits" (Underspoon) - 0:47
  2. "Begonia Seduction Scene" (Jemain, Tree) - 2:34
  3. "Out" (Tree, Underspoon) - 8:59
  4. "It Will Rain for a Million Years" (Tree, Underspoon) - 4:05

Tracks 1 through 7 were released on the followup, The Nostalgia Factory, in 1991, as well as making it to the group's first official album, On the Sunday of Life, in 1992. Track 5, however, was edited for release on OtSoL, with the beginning minute of ambience removed. Track 8 was released on the vinyl reissue of Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape, a compilation of the songs from the Delerium tapes that did not make it to On the Sunday of Life, in 1992. The title of track 9 would be reused for another composition on the 1991 release.

Personnel (fiction)[edit]

  • PORCUPINE TREE - Vocal, Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass. (Steven Wilson)
  • SIR TARQUIN UNDERSPOON - Organ, Mellotron, Keyboards. (Steven Wilson)
  • EXPANDING FLAN - Drums, Percussion. (John Marshall)
  • SOLOMAIN ST. JEMAIN - Glissando Guitars and Vocals on "Queen Quotes Crowley". (Steven Wilson)
  • JC CAMILLIONI - Programming, Soundscapes. (Steven Wilson)

Recorded at No-Man's Land studios and Periscope Station. Produced by JC Camillioni and Porcupine Tree for Hidden Art Productions.


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