Love, Timeless

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Love, Timeless
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GenreRomance, Fantasy, Time travel, Youth
Created byEastern Television
Written byNeko Hsu 許芸齊
Wu De Zhi 烏得紙
Directed byEri Hao 郝心翔
StarringNick Chou
Summer Meng
Huang Wei Ting 黃薇渟
Chang Chieh 張捷
Opening themeCan’t Let Go 不放 by Nick Chou
Ending theme1064℃ by Jocelyn Chan 陳明憙
Country of originTaiwan
Original languageMandarin
No. of episodes15
ProducerLuo Zhi Yu 羅智育
Production locationTaiwan
Running time115 minutes (Ep. 1)
90 minutes (Ep. 2-14)
95 minutes (Ep. 15)
Production companyDeepwaters Digital Support Inc. 大川大立數位影音股份有限公司
Original networkTTV
EBC Variety
Picture formatSDTV (480i)
HDTV (1080i)
Original release15 April (2017-04-15) –
29 July 2017 (2017-07-29)
Preceded byThe King of Romance
Followed byJojo's World

Love, Timeless (Chinese: 鐘樓愛人; pinyin: zhōnglóu àirén; literally "Lovers of the Clock Tower") is a 2017 Taiwanese television series created and produced by Eastern Television. Starring Nick Chou, Summer Meng, Huang Wei Ting and Chang Chieh as the main cast.[1] Filming began on February 24, 2017 and wrapped up on June 17, 2017. First original broadcast on TTV every Saturday at 10:00 pm starting April 15, 2017.


Life seems to be one misstep after another for 30 year-old Shi Zhao Yu (Nick Chou) ever since he lost that fateful basketball match to his college rival Li Jun Ren (Chang Chieh). He lost to him in love back in college, now he's about to lose his job. Life is no easier for his former classmate Ruby Shen (Huang Wei Ting). The girl of every guy's dream in college is now trapped in a failed marriage. Feeling depressed, Ruby calls her former classmates to meet at the clock tower, where they once shared happy memories together in college. "If only I could go back in time, maybe my life would have been different." says Ruby before she jumps off the clock tower. Just as Zhao Yu falls from trying to save Ruby, he is transported back in time to his sophomore year in college. Zhao Yu now has a chance. The opportunity to save his first love and reverse the future is in our hero's grasp. But what does he really want: another shot with his college crush, or a love that he didn't even know existed before?


Main cast[edit]

Supporting cast[edit]

Special appearances[edit]

  • Lang Tsu-yun 郎祖筠 as You Xin Ying 尤欣穎
  • Jackson Lou 樓學賢 as Li Tai Yuan 李泰元
  • Debbie Chou 周丹薇 as Qiu Xuan Ai 邱萱愛
  • Lin Xiu Jun 林秀君 as Wen Xiu Mei 溫秀美
  • Louis Lin 林健寰 as Shen Jian De 沈建德
  • Joseph Ma 馬國賢 as General manager Xia 夏總
  • Ryan Kuo 郭鑫 as Bai Pin Ren 白品仁
  • Gao Kai Li 高凱莉 as Zhang Wei Yuan (Wei Wei) 張瑋媛 (瑋瑋)
  • Andy Wu 吳岳擎 as Li Ying Zhu 李英祝
  • Li Zheng Da 勵政達 as Zhang Da Qi 張大器
  • Zhu Jun Xian 朱俊憲 as Bo Ren 博仁
  • Lin Shuai Fu 林帥甫 as Long Zhu 龍珠
  • Lan Qi Rui 藍啟瑞 as basketball coach
  • Guo Bai Jie 郭柏傑 as Jin Mao 金毛
  • Jocelyn Chan 陳明憙
  • Luo Si Qi 羅思琦 as Zhao Xiong San 趙雄三
  • ?? as Bing Zhong 秉中
  • Huang Yu-Chen 黃妤榛 as host


  • Can't Let Go 不放 by Nick Chou 周湯豪
  • 1064℃ by Jocelyn Chan 陳明憙
  • Caged Bird 囚鳥 by Jocelyn Chan 陳明憙
  • Final Solace 最後安慰 by Jocelyn Chan 陳明憙
  • I Say Baby by Nick Chou 周湯豪
  • Lover 情人 by Kelly Poon 潘嘉麗
  • Could Still Embrace 還能擁抱 by Kelly Poon 潘嘉麗
  • My Turn to Love 換我愛你 by Derrick Hoh 何維健


Network Country Airing Date Timeslot
TTV  Taiwan April 15, 2017 Saturday 10:00-11:30 pm
EBC Variety April 16, 2017 Sunday 10:00-11:30 pm
Astro Shuang Xing  Malaysia October 3, 2017 Monday to Friday 4:00-5:00 pm
UNTV  Philippines This 2021 TBA

Episode ratings[edit]

Competing shows on rival channels airing at the same time slot were:

Air Date Episode Average Ratings Rank
Apr 15, 2017 1 0.59 5
Apr 22, 2017 2 0.52 5
Apr 29, 2017 3 0.69 5
May 6, 2017 4 0.49 5
May 13, 2017 5 0.50 4
May 20, 2017 6 0.52 6
May 27, 2017 7 0.44 6
Jun 3, 2017 8 0.68 6
Jun 10, 2017 9 0.38 6
Jun 17, 2017 10 0.67 6
Jun 24, 2017: Airing of "28th Golden Melody Awards"
Jul 1, 2017 11 0.61 5
Jul 8, 2017 12 0.68 5
Jul 15, 2017 13 0.49 5
Jul 22, 2017 14 0.59 5
Jul 29, 2017 15 0.77 4
Average ratings 0.57 --


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