Love, etc (novel)

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This article is about the novel by Julian Barnes. For the Pet Shop Boys song, see Love etc.
Love, etc
First edition (UK)
Author Julian Barnes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Publisher Jonathan Cape (UK)
Knopf (US)
Publication date
2000 (UK), 2001 (US)
Media type Print, Audio & eBook
Pages 249
ISBN 0-224-03101-5
Preceded by Talking it Over

Love, etc is a novel by Julian Barnes published in 2000, although it is also the title of a French film based on his earlier novel Talking it Over.[1]


Love, etc was written some ten years after Talking it Over and is set ten years later. In the intervening period Stuart, the protagonist, has emigrated to America, remarried, opened a restaurant, got divorced and returned to England where he has set up a successful organic food business. Meanwhile, Oliver and Gillian and their two daughters live in a small flat in north-east London, Oliver still seeks success as a writer supported by Gillian's picture restoration. Stuart appears to have forgiven Oliver for stealing his wife and offers him a job as a driver...


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