Love. It Comes in All Colors

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Love. It Comes in All Colors was a National Urban Coalition television commercial and print advertisement from 1970. It was part of a campaign to promote racial harmony. It featured political activists, and celebrities from sports, show business, government, and business.

The old television commercial showed an assembled group singing several repetitions for chorus to "Let The Sun Shine In" from the musical Hair. The refrain speeds up as does the editing, trying to give everyone equal time and ends with applause by everyone. The words "Love. It Comes in All Colors." are then superimposed upon the screen. It was broadcast as a public service announcement during shows such as the March 8, 1970 episode of The Ed Sullivan Show [1].

Participating individuals[edit]

The following is a partial list of the celebrities who participated:

Hairb participants[edit]

Hair cast members participating included

  • Obie Bray
  • Mary Lorrie Davis
  • Sally Eaton
  • Leata Galloway
  • Fluffer Hirsch
  • Pat Lambert
  • Cliff Lipson
  • Charles O. Lynch
  • Robin McNamara
  • Melba Moore
  • Cassandra Morgan
  • Allan Nicholls
  • Debbie Offner
  • Shelley Plimpton
  • George Tipton
  • Singer Williams
  • Lillian Wong

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