Love (DramaGods album)

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Studio album by DramaGods
Released December 19, 2005
Genre Alternative rock
Hard rock
Length 73:49
Label JVC Victor (Japan)
Producer Bruno Graffiti (Nuno Bettencourt)
DramaGods chronology
Sessions from Room 4
(2004)Sessions from Room 42004
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Love is an album from DramaGods, a project led by guitarist Nuno Bettencourt. Bettencourt is most remembered for being the guitarist in the band Extreme. Originally conceived as a double-album entitled "Love/Hate", the songs were combined into one album. It is not known what happened to the rest of the songs from these recording sessions, if they were ever fully recorded and produced, or just left as demos.

The album was originally released by JVC Victor in Japan and is the first released by the band under the name DramaGods. The band was previously known as Population 1, but changed the name due to legal issues.

The song 'Interface' was later re-recorded for Extreme's album Saudades de Rock.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Megaton (Bettencourt, Pessia, Ferlazzo, Figueiredo)
  2. Lockdown (Bettencourt)
  3. Bury You (Bettencourt, Burns)
  4. Broken (Bettencourt)
  5. Pilots (Bettencourt, Figueiredo, Pessia)
  6. Interface (Bettencourt)
  7. Heavy (Bettencourt, Pessia, Ferlazzo, Figueiredo)
  8. Something About You (Bettencourt)
  9. Fearless Leader (Bettencourt, Pessia)
  10. Sometimes (Bettencourt, Ferlazzo, Figueiredo, Pessia)
  11. So'k (Bettencourt, Figueiredo)
  12. Replay (Bettencourt, Pessia)
  13. Nice To Meet You (Bettencourt)
  14. Sky (Bettencourt, Ferlazzo)

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