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This article is about the film Love 101. For the 2008 song by Pepper, see Pink Crustaceans and Good Vibrations.
Love 101
Directed by Adrian Fulle
Produced by Poya Pictures
Written by Adrian Fulle
David Miller
Daniel Bingley
Starring Michael Muhney
Jeff Anderson
Mary Kay Cook
Release date
February 14, 2000
Running time
86 mins
Country United States
Language English

Love 101 is a 2000 comedy film that was directed by Adrian Fulle.[1] The movie first released to theaters on February 14, 2000 and stars Michael Muhney and Jeff Anderson as two college students that find their friendship threatened by the introduction of a new girl.[2]


Over Thanksgiving break, while his roommate is away from campus, pretty boy Andrew (Michael Muhney) sleeps with Shayna (Mary Kay Cook), his roommate Joe's (Jim Slonina) dream girl. When Shayna starts a relationship with Joe, attempting to make Andrew jealous, it causes a rift in the boys' friendship.


The A.V. Club panned Love 101 and commented that it was "paced like a cement mixer, and while the actors move through the paces of some tired gags between moments of self-reflection, you might find yourself studying the wall decorations."[3] Scott Weinberg of also criticized the film as they felt that it got "Points for trying, but this flick gets its inspirations from movies not all that hot to begin with, and then simply rehashes them point by point."[4] The Daily Herald gave a more positive review, stating that "What "Love 101" and its virtual all-Chicagoland cast lack in polish, they make up for with a generous supply of sincerity."[5]


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