Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled

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Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled
First edition
Author Harlan Ellison
Cover artist Leo and Diane Dillon
Country United States
Language English
Genre short stories
Publisher Trident Press
Publication date
Pages 382
OCLC 10297

Love Ain't Nothing But Sex Misspelled is a collection of short stories by author Harlan Ellison. It was originally published in hardback in 1968. Ace Books issued an edition in 1983. The original hardback edition has 22 stories and the reprint has 16. (13 from the original list and 3 new ones). Ellison removed 9 stories from the reissue since they are available in other collections and he had grown sensitive to such overlap.

The book was reissued again in 1997 by White Wolf Publishing as part of their Edgeworks series of Ellison reprints with a slightly revised table of contents, replacing 3 other stories and shuffling the order, moving "The Resurgence of Miss Angle-strap Wedgie" to the first spot where "Neither Your Jenny Nor Mine" was, and ending with "Punky & The Yale Men", where "I Curse The Lesson and Bless The Knowledge" previous placed.

Contents (from the 1983 edition)[edit]

  • Introduction
  • "Neither Your Jenny Nor Mine"
  • "The Universe of Robert Blake"
  • "G.B.K. - A Many Flavored Bird"
  • "Riding The Dark Train Out"
  • "Valerie"
  • "The Resurgence of Miss Ankle-strap Wedgie"
  • "Daniel White For The Greater Good"
  • "Blind Bird, Blind Bird, Go Away From Me!"
  • "What I Did On My Vacation This Summer, By Little Bobby Hirchhorn, Age 27"
  • "Mona At Her Windows"
  • "When I Was A Hired Gun"
  • "A Path Through The Darkness"
  • "Battle Without Banners"
  • "A Prayer for No One's Enemy"
  • "Punky & The Yale Men"
  • "I Curse The Lesson and Bless The Knowledge"