Love Amongst Ruin (album)

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Love Amongst Ruin
Studio album by Love Amongst Ruin
Released September 13, 2010 (2010-09-13)
Recorded April – August 2008 at Moles Studios (Bath, Somerset), Modern World Studios (Tetbury, Cotswolds), Old Laundry (Winchester, Hampshire)
Genre Alternative rock, hard rock
Length 41:19
Label Ancient B Records
Producer Donald Ross Skinner, Paul Corkett, Steve Hewitt
Love Amongst Ruin chronology
Love Amongst Ruin
Lose Your Way
Singles from Love Amongst Ruin
  1. "So Sad (Fade)"
    Released: August 30, 2010
  2. "Home"
    Released: October 25, 2010
  3. "Alone"
    Released: February 28, 2011

Love Amongst Ruin is the self-titled debut studio album by Love Amongst Ruin. It was released on September 13, 2010.[1][2]


Writing and recording[edit]

After departing[3] Placebo in October 2007, Steve Hewitt enlisted Lamb bassist Jon Thorne and his brother Nick Hewitt to begin writing and demoing new music at his home studio.[4] Hewitt explained that he decided to write with Jon Thorne because he "wanted to play rock drums against somebody playing upright bass. And that’s what we did and the first thing we ever wrote was "Running"".[5] Julian Cope collaborator Donald Ross Skinner was brought in to oversee and co-produce the recording sessions and the collective relocated to Moles Studio in Bath for three recording sessions with producer Paul Corkett over the summer of 2008.[6] The sessions yielded ten songs, on which Steve performed drums and lead vocals. Mixing began in September and continued for six months before the album was mastered by Brian Gardner in April 2009.[7]

"Bring Me Down (You Don't)" was to be included on the album, but legal trouble with publishers of the band Can resulted in the track being replaced with "Come On Say It". An acoustic version of the song was later released for free via SoundCloud in November 2011.[8] "Come On Say It" featured then-band members Steve Hove, Laurie Ross and Keith York and was mixed ten weeks before the album's release.[9] Other songs which were recorded, but didn't make the cut for the album, were cover versions of "Got To Give It Up" (Thin Lizzy) and "Rise" (Public Image Ltd),[5] the latter being released for free via SoundCloud in July 2012.[10]


Hewitt stated that the album was inspired by "greed, failed relationships, spitefulness and hatred. 90% of the album is inspired by those things. The other 10% belongs to true love".[11]


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Rock Sound 8/10 stars[12]

Rock Sound gave the album 8/10, saying the album "reveals itself to be an intelligent, complex and confident effort that’s delivered with an energy and determination that seeks to redefine Hewitt as a credible artist in his own right".[12] Soundsphere gave the album 4/5, stating "this is a fine album, with double points for being a debut".[13] Student Beans gave the album 3/5, saying "Love Amongst Ruin captures a range of sounds, packaged as a polished rock album".[2]


An acoustic version of the album was released on December 5, 2011, titled "Acoustic". "Come On Say It" and "Love Song" were omitted from the track list.


Prior to the tour, Love Amongst Ruin made their live debut at Eurosonic Festival in January 2010 (with bassist Jonathan Noyce) and played two one-off club dates in London the following May and June. Bassist Magnus Lundén joined the band prior to the club dates, but was replaced by Teresa Morini in July. The band followed with an appearance at the Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth Park in August.

The Heaven & Hell tour began one week after the release of the album in September 2010. The first leg began with a three-week jaunt through continental Europe, beginning in Zaandam, Netherlands[14] and finishing in Paris, France in mid-October.[15] Following a two-week break, the tour resumed with seven dates in the United Kingdom and Ireland.[16] Gigs in Southampton (later rescheduled) and Glasgow were cancelled due to drummer Keith York suffering with illness.[17] Following the conclusion of the European tour, the band were invited to support Feeder and The Futureheads in Birmingham at Kerrang! magazine's "X-Mas Party".[18] Keith York quit the band at the end of the year and was replaced by Ramon Sherrington.[5]

In February 2011, the band reemerged with more slots supporting Feeder in the United Kingdom on their Renegades tour.[19] Prior to the gigs, the band slimmed down to a five piece after removing keyboardist/cellist Laurie Ross from the lineup. The band supported the release of the "Alone" single with five shows in France in March, but only managed to play one date of their German tour in April after shows in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Dortmund were cancelled. The band returned to France in May for two dates on the Recycling Party tour, with guitarist Gizz Butt filling in for Steve Hove. The band finished the tour in June 2011 with two headlining dates at the Borderline in London and at the Fête de la Musique in Valence, France. Jon Thorne filled in for Teresa Morini at the latter date.

The band's setlists for the tour were mainly drawn from their debut album, with "Love Song" being the only track from the album which was not played live. A cover of "Got To Give It Up" by Thin Lizzy was a regular inclusion. Owing to the band's shortage of material, encores often included a repeat play of debut single "So Sad (Fade)", in addition to non-album track "Bring Me Down (You Don't)".[20] New song "Pop DC" was premiered in London in June 2011, along with a cover of "Rise" by Public Image Ltd.

Date City Country Venue
Debut Performances & Festivals
January 14, 2010 Groningen Netherlands Eurosonic Festival
May 11, 2010 London United Kingdom Barfly
June 9, 2010 Scala
August 1, 2010 Knebworth Sonisphere Festival
Heaven & Hell Tour
September 23, 2010 Zaandam Netherlands De Kade
September 24, 2010 Brussels Belgium Botanique Witloof Bar
September 25, 2010 Hamburg Germany Reeperbahn Festival
September 26, 2010 Berlin Magnet
September 28, 2010 Poznań Poland Eskulap
September 29, 2010 Warsaw Powiększenie
October 1, 2010 Munich Germany 59:1
October 4, 2010 Turin Italy Spazio 211
October 5, 2010 Milan Magazzini Generali
October 6, 2010 Rome Circolo Degli Artisti
October 7, 2010 Bologna Covo
October 9, 2010 Yverdon-les-Bains Switzerland Amalgame
October 10, 2010 Zurich Abart
October 13, 2010 Cologne Germany Luxor
October 14, 2010 Paris France Flèche d’Or
October 30, 2010 London United Kingdom Garage
October 31, 2010 Wolverhampton Slade Rooms
November 3, 2010 Manchester Club Academy
November 4, 2010 Leeds Cockpit 3
November 5, 2010 Nottingham Rock City Basement
November 7, 2010 Belfast Stiff Kitten
November 8, 2010 Dublin Ireland Academy 2
Supporting Feeder
December 9, 2010 Birmingham United Kingdom Academy
February 13, 2011 Manchester Academy
February 16, 2011 Cambridge Junction
February 17, 2011 Royal Leamington Spa Assembly
February 19, 2011 Portsmouth Pyramids
Alone Tour
March 1, 2011 Southampton United Kingdom Talking Heads [1]
March 2, 2011 Nancy France Fnac
Mac Carthy
March 3, 2011 Besançon La Rodia
March 4, 2011 Paris International
March 5, 2011 Lille La Péniche
April 11, 2011 Berlin Germany Crystal Club
Recycling Party Tour
May 18, 2011 Rennes France Fnac
May 20, 2011 Nantes Le Ferrailleur
May 21, 2011 Rennes L'etage
Europe & Festivals
June 7, 2011 London United Kingdom Borderline
June 21, 2011 Valence France Fête de la Musique
  • 1^ Rescheduled from October 29, 2010.

Cancelled dates[edit]

Date City Country Venue R
October 2, 2010 Vienna Austria Szene 1
October 12, 2010 Stuttgart Germany Universum 1
October 29, 2010 Southampton United Kingdom Joiners 2
November 2, 2010 Glasgow Cathouse 2
April 10, 2011 Hamburg Germany Logo 1
April 12, 2011 Frankfurt Nachtleben 1
April 13, 2011 Dortmund Freizeitzentrum West 1
June 11, 2011 Paris France Summerjam 1
  • 1 Cancelled due to circumstances beyond the band's control.
  • 2 Cancelled as a precaution due to illness.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "So Sad (Fade)" Steve Hewitt 3:07
2. "Alone" Steve Hewitt & Jon Thorne 3.04
3. "Running" Steve Hewitt & Jon Thorne 4:30
4. "Heaven & Hell" Steve Hewitt 4:16
5. "Come On Say It" Steve Hewitt 6:51
6. "Away From Me" Steve Hewitt & Jon Thorne 4:13
7. "Blood & Earth" Steve Hewitt & Jon Thorne 3:25
8. "Truth" Steve Hewitt & Jon Thorne 4:02
9. "Home" Steve Hewitt & Jon Thorne 3:56
10. "Love Song" Steve Hewitt 3:59
iTunes bonus track[21]
No. Title Length
11. "Alone" (acoustic) 3:02


  • Steve Hewitt – vocals, drums, bass, guitar, piano
  • Jon Thorne – bass, guitar, string arrangements
  • Donald Ross Skinner – guitar, bass, piano
  • Nick Hewitt – guitar
  • Steve Hove – guitar on "Come On Say It"
  • Paul Turner – bass on "Come On Say It"
  • Laurie Ross – keyboards, cello on "Come On Say It"
  • Keith York – drums on "Come On Say It"
  • Tracy Bowen – backing vocals on "Truth"
  • Emily Reid – backing vocals on "Love Song"
  • Claire Nicolson – backing vocals on "Truth"
  • Jo Thorne – backing vocals on "Alone"


  • Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 – recorded and mixed by Donald Ross Skinner, Paul Corkett, Steve Hewitt.
  • Track 5 – recorded and mixed by Donald Ross Skinner, Paul Corkett, Steve Hewitt, Nick Poortman.


  • 2010: "So Sad (Fade)" (30 August 2010)
  • 2010: "Home" (25 October 2010)
  • 2011: "Alone" (28 February 2011)


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